Michael's Nursery

Garden Club & Group Meetings are available.

Have your garden club or group meeting here at the Nursery. Meet on the "Big Deck".  Bring a lunch or snacks and we can provide some ice tea. You can go on a tour of our gardens and see your plants in a natural setting.  Visit our famous "Hosta Forest" and see hundreds of full sized Hosta's growing in a natural setting.  We normally have 80 to 90 varieties in pots ready to go.  You can also order any Hosta that is in the ground.

Make your next club meeting here. A comfort station is available.

Call ​MICHAEL​ @ 716-478-5500


"Plant talk with Michael"  (your group can choose the plant subject)

Perennial plant exchange.  (trade plants, barter)

Pruning classes are available. Learn proper & timely plant trimming.

Perennial Landscape, design help is available.

Bug or Disease Problems?  We are nearly chemical free at Michael's and we can lead you in the right direction.

​Call MICHAEL ​@ 716-478-5500

Stop and visit the Nursery @ 5360 Upper Mountain Rd. Lockport, NY