Michael's Nursery



     Our family owned and operated plant nursery began with selling excess perennial flowers from our own gardens. The road side was our sales floor and a hand painted sign did the advertising.  As we planted and grew more perennials the gardens grew  and spread.  I remember the trouble I got into as I dug up Roberta's flowers to sell on the side of the road.  Was nothing sacred?  She was a real sport and better, a great partner.  The business, like many small businesses,  would not have survived with out help from our entire family.  As the business grew from a little road side plant stand to a slightly larger nursery, we expanded to add lawn care and other yard services.  We bought some additional property in Lewiston, New York to grow evergreens.  Now we had a full service nursery and landscaping business.  The boys helped with the landscaping and the girls helped too. Every once in a while we would get some outside help from the relatives. We currently concentrate on growing and selling perennial flowers and some trees and shrubs.

     Quality, price and service has always been key to our still little road side business.  We only carry plants locally grown for our temperate zone and soil conditions that are tough.  We carry a wide variety of perennial flowers and many of the new varieties.  You must come and visit our Hosta Forest where you will see hundreds of full sized hostas in a beautiful forest style setting.  We have hundreds of varities growing and usually about 80 or 90 varities for sale in pots.  You can also order any variety that is in the ground.  Come for a garden walk and see your flowers in a natural setting and in full size.  Your​Garden Club can hold a meeting on the big deck and go for a guided tour.  We'll even serve the ice tea!  Call us to schedule an event!  (716) 478-5500

     While not a licensed organic grower, we use no pesticides.  Only a bad outbreak of say Japanese Beetles would cause use to react with non-acute bug killer.   All of our vegetable and herb plants are organic and grown from organic seed.  We also run a recycle plastic pot program.  PLEASE do not throw away plastic pots.  Return any plastic pots, including other companies, to us and we will sterilize and re-use them.  Recycling keeps our costs down and saves the landfills.  

     Prices are important in this and all market places.  Our prices are the lowest prices you will generally find.  We have very little overhead and most plants come out of the gardens here or from other low cost plug growers. Visit us any time.  The Nursery is open dawn to dusk every day from mid April to Christmas Eve when we sell live Christmas Trees in pots.  We also have a local plant trading program.  Maybe we can make a plant trade.  Help keep small, local farming businesses healthy, buy locally grown plants, trees and produce.  Avoid the big retailers and promote locally produced and sold products from small business.    

Remember................................ We Make Your Dirt Look Good!     ​Michael